Who are Hammephat and Spam?

Ignatius Hammephat, b. 1926, Hoboken, New Jersey. Hammephat is the Director Emeritus of the impecunious funding agency FLARPA and the mentor and collaborator of Ulysses R. Spam.

Ulysses R. Spam , b. 1954, Gregynog Hall, Bwlch-y-ffridd, Wales. Spam is the Supreme Director of FLARPA and member of the Welsh Institute of Mathematical Physics.

It is curiously difficult to get personal information about Hammephat or his his protégé Spam, other than an actual recommendation letter which was sent, but their brilliant if improbableinsights into mathematical physics have intrigued participants at international meetings for many years, at least since the International Congress of Mathematical Physicists in Berlin in 1981. As far as I know, most of their publications have been in poster sessions at conferences, some of which have made their way onto the Internet. Disclaimer. No responsibility is assumed for any links from this page, which are either external links or verbatim copies of material circulating on the net, marked for Web viewing.